Oct 6, 2018 Super early start, with a quick breakfast of yogurt and coffee at the Days Inn breakfast room, before hitting I-81S toward home at mom’s in Warner Robins, Georgia. The end stop was all that was on my mind.

Although scenery from the highway was amazing, the traffic flow through VA was shit! Thankfully, it lightened up after I got on I-77 S and I made my first stop in Austinville at the Circle K for gas ($2.55/gal) and road snacks (Tabasco Slim Jims, Lance Hot & Spicy Peanuts and a large, very strong coffee). I admired the view from the parking lot.img_20181006_101040

Back on the road, with giddy thoughts of hugging everyone after more than five months on the road, I stopped at the Olin Rest Area in North Carolina. The grounds were beautiful, with a water feature, and super nice facilities. Great stop!


Along the outskirts of Charlotte into South Carolina I drove, under an overcast sky. About an hour later, for kicks and giggles, I stopped at the SC Welcome Center to compare with NC. There was more concrete than grass and plant landscape, but they had a large information center, sitting area, and friendly staff, not to mention the cool swings out front that I thoroughly enjoyed.


Jumped on I-20W in Columbia and crossed the Georgia border into Augusta. Two and a half hours later, I arrived in Warner Robins. The sun was shining! Wanted to surprise mom, so sent text to ask what she was doing. She replied, “Riding w/Levi to see Matilda at Theater Macon. What are you doing? Where are you headed next?” (with a smiley face). I pulled down her street, noticed Michael’s truck in the driveway and I parked at the front. Snapped a photo of mileage, at end of 2018 trek; a total of 11,400 miles through 30 states in just over 5 months.img_4558

img_20181006_183450Walked through the gate to the backyard. Nicole and Lila were on my hammock and Cody Boy in the yard. It felt soo amazing to see them! Luke, who was on the patio, went inside and told mom I was in the backyard. She thought he was kidding, but came out. It was awesome! Hugged everyone before mom and Levi left for the play, along with others headed out. Had a long snuggle with Cody in the grass. Weird feeling about this trek coming to an end. It’s time to recoup, complete blog to personal book and flow to next adventure. Since I was so eager to return after more than five months on the road, next adventure will be finding new home location. For now, will enjoy family.

UPDATE: Finished blog for book transfer on May 3, 2019.

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