September 12, 2018 Beautiful morning and great sleep, especially considering the tilted cot. Unzipped to see several campers had joined during the night, as well as a couple hammock-ers. Awesome!24FFE783-1EF4-4DBA-97E5-164231F7AD73

Got coffee going with the last of the propane; made note more needed. Thoughts zipped ahead and after camping for 5 peaceful days in upper and lower Michigan, I wasn’t looking forward to getting back on an interstate. Took a long walk around the campground in the beautiful sun that was warming things fast! Sat at a picnic table to update my journal.

Packed up camp, smoked a rolled cigarette, then headed for the bathhouse. The shower had a nozzle that looked similar to a fireman’s hose and shot water fiercely; perfect masseuse for my head, neck, shoulders and back.

Took 55 E from Manistee; gorgeous highway scenery! Stopped at the Dublin EZ Mart in Wellston for ice and a couple Giant Slim Jims. Poured water from ice chest in the parking lot, refilled, and then went back in for a pack of Pall Mall’s ($6.06); the tobacco pouch would be backup.

Stopped at a couple rest areas to potty and stretch, after getting on I-131S; the small, Tustin Rest Area in Burdell Township with cool historical marker about Swedish immigrants and the Big Rapids Rest Area 534 with super clean property, lots of parking and pretty landscape.

Absolutely loved my time in Michigan and wanted to see and do much more, but the time frame for being in NH was pressing (in hindsight, I had time to spare). Continued through Grand Rapids, with a stop at J&H Oil Co in Byron Center for gas ($2.83/gal), across to 94, then south on I-69 into Indiana.

Landed at Pokagon State Park in Angola before 7 pm and instantly fell in love with it!

With dense greenery all around, I set up camp ($17 primitive + $9 car fee UGH) in 244 and ate a salad with my new favorite Secret Aardvark black bean sauce from Florence, OR.

A few minutes after clean up, I got this little visitor with its big presence and I backed away for a long, amazing walk. When I got back, my little friend was gone, thank goodness, and I dropped a few moth balls around the perimeter.6754F53C-9C1A-4886-85B4-80082896CF30

Temperature was definitely warming up, so used sleeping bag for extra padding instead of cover. Checked in with family and thankful all were good. Michael got 19 staples from back surgery and only that area was painful; no nerve pain. Yea! Said goodnight to the trees, and all the little critters I could hear.ABD7F11D-49C1-4EC2-8BE2-AA6C1DA50E9F

Slept like a log until just after midnight (the witching hour), when potty time hit. Oh joy! With headlamp and bear spray, I headed to the restroom, in the middle of an opening a few minutes away. Looking outward instead of down, I walked so close to a skunk that one more step would have been deadly in one way or another. We startled the shit out of each other, more-so me! I was silently screaming, “Don’t spray me, don’t do it!” He or she continued waddling along toward the women’s door; didn’t seem interested in me. I slowly backed away, for the second time same day, and went around to the men’s. With eyes to the ground, I swung headlamp left and right back to the tent. My internal radar was on high-alert for any and all activity, but back to sleep I eventually went.





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