September 10, 2018 Woke feeling good, joints quiet, and Carol’s instant coffee made it even better, with added sugar and Irish butter. Still hadn’t found the American Spirit tobacco in a pouch to buy (used Nick’s in WI), so I had Montclair ($5.13/pack).

Packed and loaded after drying tarp and tent using wind-up clothes line and dad’s rope. Jason drew suggested paths on my map and I headed out. Got wonderful news that Michael’s back surgery to remove a large, ruptured disc went very well. Looked forward to healing updates.♥

South on US-31, I spotted a park sign and followed it to a small parking lot near water. Looked it up and learned the access, where I was, led to an island donated by a local resident, Derry Williams, in memory of his wife and son. The Crooked River separates the island from the mainland and village residents donated 4,945 hours of labor to the Sanctuary Island Project. There’s an awesome, self-propelled ferry (wheelchair accessible) to access the island park. Beautiful and definitely worth a stop!

Gorgeous day! I parked and walked around the wonderful village of Alanson. Went inside W.W. Fairbairns hardware store, run by four generations of the Fairbairn family since 1895 and a historical landmark.

Tigerlillys was definitely the best all-in-one florist I’d ever visited; lots of color, home decor, gifts, and more. The merchandise layout was creative and color-coded!

Just before Conway, I saw a parking lot with boat trailers and stopped. Great place for a stretch and beautiful view of Little Traverse Bay.


D67F3557-A5DB-4B49-A8F4-4D62B058132EIn Petoskey, I scored a wedding outfit (size 6 beat size 12/14 starting this trek!), shoes and a green, wool blanket for total of $31 at Gold Mine North. Big thanks to Jason for suggesting the place; such a win!

Found the American Spirit tobacco at the LTBB/Biindigen (Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa (Ottawa) Indians) convenience store and also got ice, Blue Moon, Slim Jims and papers.84810836-73FC-42EB-A3DA-6C60AB3E1883

Parked in the Sunset Park lot and climbed down the fabulous tower stairs to Bayfront Park, where there was a gazebo, stream, walking trails, and a small waterfall. Beautiful!


Enjoyed salad by the boat dock, not far from the park.

Kilwins was the most exciting place for me at that moment. The smells were fantastic and the people were super nice. They offered free chocolate tours, but I just wanted to sample everything and admire the artwork in goodies. I bought a decadent slice, just over 1/2 lb, of their Signature Turtle fudge for $10.

Slowly made my way around the shoreline, the Little Traverse Wheelway, with lots of stops to admire views. The roadside parks were superb!

In the town of Charlevoix, very charming and hopping, had a small beer at the Town House Bar on Bridge Street.7EE06E9E-9198-4C77-A8C0-2BD6B9872CBD


I got a giggle by “Cheers!” on receipt from the Citgo where I got couple cokes on sale.

The drive was beautiful, it was after 6:30 pm and time to find a camp. Couldn’t help myself with one more stop at the Greilickville Harbor Park, which was so pretty with lots of geese.

It had been a great day and I was super tired. Beautiful drive and so many small communities that looked amazing off 22. Arrived at Leelanau State Park after 8 pm and registered on the yellow phone outside the park office. Picked a spot by the shoreline, across from dense woods and not far from the vault toilet. Set up tent behind bushes to help block water wind.

It was going on 9 pm and I was craving hot food. Fired up the stove, added teaspoon of coconut oil in pan and browned the thawed pastie (pasty), while watching the colors in the sky, sunset remnants, fade. Beautiful!

Unfortunately, the pastie was too bland for me to enjoy and I was too tired to doctor it; back in the ice chest it went. Draped the small tarp over tent, looped corner ties to surrounding rocks, then zipped up.









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