img_3617-1July 20 thru 21, 2018 Slept super sound and woke 7:15a. Packed up, dumped water from ice-chest, re-filled from hotel ice machine, then hit the lounge for breakfast. It was awesome for an included continental layout, with a huge variety of hot and cold food: fruit, waffles, cereal, yogurt, muffins, eggs, sausages, biscuits and gravy. I had sausage and eggs with strawberries, coffee and yogurt to go. Thumbs up for the Rodeway Inn in Idaho Falls.img_3620

It was a beautiful morning and I totally enjoyed a quick walk through the park before heading out. Talked with Matthew on his way to work at internship in San Diego; so happy Kessler and Lindsey were there. He sang “Happy Birthday” and griped about me not answering his calls yesterday.

img_20180720_123443About 30 minutes down I-15 in Blackfoot, I was at a stoplight when I noticed the giant potato across the street. WTF? I absolutely could not pass up the opportunity to check it out. The entrance fee was only $4. I enjoyed talking with the woman at the front desk who said to swing back through when finished inside.

Watched a few of the short films in their movie area about potato origins, farming and transport. The equipment, historical facts and memorabilia in the museum were definitely more interesting than I expected. Loved my Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads!

img_20180720_121929This is a massive cabinet of antique mashers. I think they had every potato-related gadget every created on display. Kids were having a blast in the hands-on section and playing potato games on computers. My grands would love this place!

I walked through to the restaurant, the Potato Station Cafe. Fresh-baked Potatoes, with lots of topping choices, homemade potato ice cream, drinks and other goodies are available. I got the huckleberry potato ice cream that I ate in the store (delicious!) and the basic potato (huge) with butter for later.


Before I left, I went back to the office area and received a free carton of instant hash browns for touring the museum. So great! After less than an hour on 86, in American Falls, I stopped for a potty break at the Ranch Bakery & Catering, then a quick rinse at the carwash.

img_20180720_135549Hopped to 84, to 50 and then back to 84 and saw lots of wind turbines. Later learned that Idaho is one of a handful of states where electricity generated by wind power accounts for over 15% of in-state use. Very impressive and the rest of the states need to get in gear!

Beautiful land with tons of sage. The smells around this trail area are strong and delicious. The views are pretty amazing too!

Stopped at Travelers’ Oasis Garden of Eden in Eden, ID off ID-25 and they have everything; variety of food choices, gas, souvenirs, lounge, super clean restrooms and an inside waterfall that flows over rocks in the eating area. There’s also an awesome, fake, huge tree and painted sky mural in the eating area.

About 9 miles down the road off 84, I landed at Anderson Camp in Twin Falls for $27. Very cool check-in is in one building, with a store and restaurant. Once again, I was the solo tenter in the camp, which gave me first option of the sites. There was a tree line, but those were the only trees in the designated tent area, so no shade. Electricity was provided, so it was cool to charge electronics. I dragged the only picnic table in the tent area to my site, of course. After setting up, a young couple from Switzerland joined.

img_20180720_164716It was hot and I was more than ready for a cool swim. Instead, I got a big-ass, warm bathtub. It was kind of nice to do a few laps and float around, but called it quits when young kiddos jumped in with water guns.

img_20180720_163848Loved the bathroom! Showered and wanted a cold beer, so I headed to the camp store. Several younger kids were helping run the counter in the family general store through the summer, so they had to call for an adult to come check-out my beer. Listening to them talk and giggle while we waited was hilarious.

img_20180720_173808Shared the table, dinner and convo with the Swiss kiddos and had a wonderful time. I chopped the Idaho potato bought at the Potato Museum restaurant, mixed in bell pepper, onion and other goodies with seasonings. Delicious!

Before long, a tall, beautiful man (Arman) rode in on a motorcycle with BC plates. He joined our tenter section to the left of me and definitely brought life to my party. We talked and talked, shared beers and just enjoyed the moment.

Photo courtesy of Arman Alimkulov

Timed it just right to head to the open field behind the treeline for sunset. We laughed a lot, took far too many pics of the sunset, a few silly pictures and Arman gave photo-taking tips. Thank you for a wonderful evening, Arman. Awesome!

Photo courtesy of Arman Alimkulov


Although dark, this photo of him makes me think of a Greek statue.

img_3669Eventually called it a night and we retreated to our respective abodes. In hindsight, I wished I’d at least invited him to join me. At some insane time, the crazed loud-mouth woman next to Arman screeched, “Where’s my f*ing dog?!” repeatedly, at the top of her lungs. WTF?! I’d run away if I was her dog. Since I drank a few too many, I popped an ibu, plugged my ears and went back to sleep.

Both of us cleaned out our gear. Of course, he’s working with much smaller space, so very impressive. I made fun of his breakfast of champions. Blah! Went for coffee in the store and we decided to check out the Shoshone Falls together.


On the way to the Falls, about 20 minutes away, I was leading and got turned around. Arman took over, straight to the entrance. Smarty pants! The fee was $3 and OMG, so worth it. Beautiful park area and the Falls were fabulous! Pictures, even Arman’s great ones, do not do it justice. It must be experienced in person.



After hugs and bidding adieu, I was back on the road. I would love to check out Canada; passport on the to-do list. Filled up tank ($2.93/gal) and picked up fruit and a salad bowl at the grocery, then spotted this amazing building just a few miles down the road, still in Twin Falls. My mom and Mardell would love this place with beautiful plants and decor.

Swung off 84 to the Bliss Rest Area in King Hill to stretch, potty and eat salad. Beautifully maintained and the tables have covers to keep the sun from beating down. The wind was kicking! I reserved a room in Boise at the Motel 8 for $79.


About an hour later, arrived in the parking lot of the Motel 8 in Boise and … ugh. Inside wasn’t better. Their key card machine was broken, so escort to room needed if I left, although room wasn’t locked when I got there. Went for a swim and a man jumped through the unscreened, open window and ran into the hotel laughing his ass off. On three different occasions people tried to enter my room; the maid, other patrons and the man who assigned the room but had no record of it. I’ll just stop there. The fact is I should have demanded refund and left. Instead, I turned on the TV, dropped temp on the loud a/c unit and went to sleep, with chair wedged at entry and bear spray on nightstand. Wyndham should be ashamed of this location’s management.

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