img_20180703_113441July 3, 2018 It’s incredible how many times I’ve moved things around in the truck for easy access, but I think this time I’ve got it down, maybe. Hugged Rosemary and popped about 10 minutes down the road to the home of mom’s cousin, Lynda, and her husband, Fred. This was my first time meeting either and so glad I did! We sent this photo to mom.

They’re in the middle of major house renovations due to water damage, so they’re living amongst curtains of plastic and contractors. It was funny when I arrived. I parked on the street and introduced myself to one of the men out front, who promptly pointed to the door in the garage. Ha! Lynda is a beautiful, small-framed woman who is very soft spoken with an obvious gentle soul. Fred has a soothing voice and great smile, which compliments Lynda beautifully. We had a wonderful visit in the office about my travel plan, their travels, mom and family history.

Their back patio is surrounded by gorgeous trees and overlooks a creek. Lynda shared wonderful and scary stories about how her son and others would climb to the upper bedroom windows.

img_228440159026.jpgAlthough our visit was brief, I loved them instantly and promised to keep in touch during my travels. Fred gave me family-related details for mom, as well as suggestions for stops off 287. I’d love to spend more time with both and for mom to do the same. Hugs all around and on the road.

Swung thru Walmart in Ft. Worth for a couple $1 tees, shorts, carrots, cottage cheese, bananas, ice, Dos Equix beer, olive oil and red beans.

Stopped at Allsup’s convenience store in Decatur for gas. They support local economy by only selling fuel from Texas and New Mexico. While pumping gas, I spotted the ad about their World Famous Burrito. Yep, had to try it. Talked to cashier, bought the Burrito and next thing I knew we were doing an awesome group photo!


Little way down the road, I pulled over and tried my little World Famous $2 Burrito, with hot sauce of course. Tasty! There are several Picnic Areas off 287, some with restrooms. This was in Sunset, TX; temp 103!

Pretty quick, the world went flat, for miles and miles and MILES! Must admit I was feeling extremely alone, even with Bear, so I picked songs (thanks for the mix, mom) I didn’t know all the words to and played them repeatedly. Oh, I sang loud!

img_2324-1861464433.jpgDriving into Harrold, the Electra Wind Project was very impressive; 100 giant, 3-finned turbines across 28,000 acres. Also, gas price was great at $2.40/gal.

State rest stops in Quanah, Hedley and Clarendon are super clean. The terrain transitioned to green and wavy the further west I drove. I stopped at the Dollar General in Quanah for tampons and a 1/2 price pullover dress.

img_2370909349537.jpgIt was getting late driving into Amarillo, with very few vehicles on the road. Murphy’s Law there was major construction in Amarillo at and around the exit to my hotel, Amarillo Inn & Suites. I almost missed the entrance with cones all around it, but I landed. Yea!

The hotel overall was OK, but definitely needs maintenance. I got a great deal online thru and I was tired, so I stayed put. The humidity is high inside for the plants, which actually don’t look happy at all. The lobby and rooms have good a/c and there are several entertainment options. I totally enjoyed the pool, even though it was a bit warm.

This is me in the elevator, switching rooms due to icky toilet upon arrival, and no evening cleaning crew. Really, how did they miss it?! Long, good day for me and Bear.



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