July 2, 2018 So glad Gini had today off so we could visit more before I left. I also got to give Kyle hugs before he went to work. Stopped in the Dollar General for a couple chicken and tuna snack packs, shampoo, conditioner and cocoa butter lotion. About 15 minutes down the road, I arrived at the home of mom’s dear friend, Rosemary, where she lives with her daughter and fur-baby. In a way, I’m mom’s ambassador and loving it, although I wish she was along for the visits with me.

img_20180702_1046511919124737.jpgRosemary is so sweet and soft-spoken. She makes these fantastic koozies, in a variety of patterns and size. They’re perfect for hot plates, bowls and mugs, especially for the microwave, and at a great price. Mom and I bought quite a few for ourselves and gifts.

Their garden, with a variety of goodies, is a mix of cool bags with handles and pots.

We enjoyed lunch at Connie’s, where I had the Mediterranean Salad and cup of bean soup that was delicious! The salads were so big, we both ate the other halves for dinner. We walked down the center to the Pantego Health store where I got some oil that will hopefully be moisturizing for my face.

We looked through travel photo books, which is what I want to create after my trek, and watched Turner Classic movies; love them! I’ll sleep in their front spare bedroom; love the photos. There are steps for their fur-baby to easily get on the bed. He’s stuck his head in a couple times, but that’s about it. When Diane got home, we shopped at Costco where 4th of July yummies were everywhere. It was hard, but I resisted. Yea!

These are a couple items I’ve never heard of. Figgy Pops just sounds fun and thinking of Matthew with the banana milk, although I’m doubtful if he’d try it. Ha!

Rosemary showed me how to boil eggs in a steamer basket set in a sauce pan on the stove; can’t wait to see if they peel easier. I tried to coordinate a visit with Lois, another of mom’s friends, but she was dealing with a house full of sickies, so not happening this trek.

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