June 30 thru July 1, 2018 Hugged Carol and Tom then headed about 30 minutes down the road to my sweet Gini’s apartment in Grand Prairie. On the way, there were two wrecks, one involved a full camper on its side. Ugh! I took my time. Haven’t seen Gini, Theresa’s youngest daughter, for 8 years or more. She’s super smart and a love for chemistry. At one point, they were brewing their own beer. She’s in high-demand I’m sure. Her boyfriend is Kyle and they share a super cute apartment with fluffy fur-babes, Spock and ‘Garfield’ (ha!), who are huge and have the coolest automated food dispensers.




img_20180630_191357330146806.jpgGini brought in some super good, authentic tacos and Kyle’s beer was perfect with it.

I got an awesome surprise when Christina, Theresa’s other amazing daughter, came over for girl time; Kyle had taken off for this purpose. Ha! It was wonderful to hear they’re both doing so good. We talked and talked about anything and everything before Christina headed out. Fun!



50 and still dealing with a period, every now and then, that joined just before arriving at Gini’s. Glad I packed accordingly, although Gini let me use her supply. I stayed in their music room, where I spotted a cool book sleeve. Gini recently joined a book club and said they’re available in a variety of prints and sizes. I’ll definitely check them out since Levi comes to mind. I washed a few clothes and slept comfy with Betty Boop.



Chef Kyle made an incredible breakfast and dinner. Absolutely delicious! It was fun watching the two of them together over a couple days. So much love for this girl!

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