IMG_20180628_230755_01.jpgJune 25 thru 30, 2018 Before moving down the road to Lancaster, Lisa and I swung through Costco to fill our tanks with her card for discount; awesome at $2.47/gal and every bit helps. Thanks, Lisa💕 Have I mentioned the heat is already brutal?! Cody won’t go in mom’s house … into the a/c. Nuts! Miss him and everyone; so glad they’re all doing great and having an awesome summer. Mom got a 2′ visitor on back patio, awesome king snake.

Arrived at the home of Matthew’s paternal grandparent’s, Carol and Tom, and their sweet fur-baby Sophie. Funny, I didn’t feel any of the animosity from experiences before and after Matthew’s birth and when he was a teen. All I felt was gratitude and warm fuzzies.

Between dinners at Olive Garden and their country club, Thorntree, they made sure I was fed well. The Thorntree made very nice quesadillas, which I’ve had a thing for lately. The grounds were manicured, of course, and they kept me entertained just listening to their banter. Tom is pretty much a no holds barred guy and Carol, aware of Tom’s limitations, does her best to rein him in when needed. Ordering food was hilarious, although they may not think so. Very sweet!

We had long talks about long ago, quiet moments and movie time, running errands with Carol, playing with Sophie and putting their beautiful pool to use daily. I tried to put $300 in Matthew’s account on a trip with Carol to Tom Thumb, but Wells Fargo wouldn’t accept cash. So weird! I had to buy a money order, then deposit it. Sheesh! Sweet Sophie joined me for coffee in the early mornings. Does everyone own a Keurig?! I feel spoiled with the convenience, but get hit with a wave of guilt when I trash the non-recyclable plastic cup.


I did what I could think of to help out at the house, which was to clean and put up their flag. Attacked a few areas, the kitchen and bathroom mainly, and hoped they wouldn’t take offense. Carol offered to pick up a bottle of wine or beer while she was out and came back loaded with numerous bottles and brews. It looked like we were planning a party! Too funny and so sweet. Left all except for a few beers I drank there.

I visited my very good friend, Billie, who lives in Duncanville. Billie’s in his 80’s with a raspy voice and awesome laugh. He’s a mechanic, a veteran like Tom, funny, kind-hearted and pure Texas man. I met him years ago while working at Judge Fite Mgmt. for his son, William. It was a nice surprise when William popped by briefly to say hello; it’s been 21 years since we last saw each other. Billie was the only person who helped me and my kids get out of Maine, years ago, during my idiotic relationship with a meathead loser. I called dad before Billie. He told me I only called when I needed something, which I don’t recall ever doing. I hung up and called Billie. It took me years to pay back the loan, which was actually quite small, but he never pushed. The day I visited him with the thank you card and balance, he just said you’re very welcome and hugged me; he never doubted I’d repay him. He drove to GA to attend my wedding in 2006 (divorced 2008); looked so handsome in his shiny boots and white cowboy hat. He is love and our visit was all too short.

Tom’s having a difficult time with mobility and balance. He doesn’t want anyone to manage their rental properties, so Carol makes the rounds to pick up rent and coordinate repairs. She’s go, go, go and seems stressed. I’m hopeful they’ll work it out, to alleviate the stress and improve his health.

Met Margaret, Bruce’s wife, for the first time at Akita Hibachi & Sushi in Cedar Hill. We talked about what’s been happening with the family, JoAnn’s condition and more. Over the past year, she and Bruce have played a crucial role in JoAnn’s care. She’s a wonderful, sweet soul who is definitely a blessing for the Atteberry family!

img_20180630_1529471384345736.jpgCarol, the most fabulous hairdresser I’ve ever known, gave me an incredible haircut. I love it short for traveling and camping, especially in the heat.


She’s also gifted in afghan creations and gave me this cheerful one that Bear and I love. Hugs!

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