img_20180623_1123091461935660.jpgJune 23 thru 24, 2018 Lots of sweet ‘byes’ from Sofie and on the road, then back again for forgotten Yeti. Ha! I wonder how many times across the states this will happen, or if I’ll forgot it completely somewhere. Guess we’ll see. I love this tree in front of their home.

Drove 67, 20 and 35, highways taken daily umpteen years ago; recognized nothing except street names. So weird.

img_20180628_230803_01434491451.jpgArrived at the home of my high school friend, Lisa, from those umpteen years ago; thank goodness for FB, if only for reconnections. Her fur-baby, Patch, greeted me through the door. Such a sweet soul.

After hugs and giggles, we headed to her dad’s house. Enjoyed a long chat with him and his wife, got a baggie full of grape tomatoes and I met Princess Fiona. My Cody would love her! Her dad laid pavers in an area previously occupied by a jacuzzi and left space in the center where 🍅 plants now grow. Creative space repurposing!

I got a good laugh from a sign on his fence that read, “On this site in 1897 nothing happened.”

img_20180623_180108553883387.jpgNext stop, WinCo Foods, a majority employee-owned supermarket chain founded in Idaho in 1967 (compliments of Wikipedia). It was the first one I noticed since hitting Texas. Picked up a large container of pico de Gallo, cucumber, Shiner beer, an avocado and spring mix.img_20180623_184119771028434.jpg

It was great to finally meet Lisa’s hubby, Robert, and youngest son, Joseph. This is my new favorite dip: pico de gallo, avocado and Roman’s pepper blend. Add organic chips and a cold beer…yum! Guess I’ll have to convince him to ship me the blend.

img_20180624_082458748651696.jpgThanks to Lisa, I woke to an awesome new coffee experience; add real butter and blend. My taste buds love it!

We went on a tour of the ‘new’ Duncanville, which included my high school from the 80’s. Needless to say, it’s undergone major renovations. I was jumping out of her truck constantly to take pictures. Totally flabbergasted! This is sweet Lisa, in her truck, patiently waiting for me.


img_20180624_104817203292068.jpgSeriously, the school morphed! Online reports claim it’s now the second largest HS in the nation, based on campus size (863,137 square feet), with more than 4,100 students and no zoning. Academic scores don’t appear too hot, but they’re kicking it with sports. Go figure. Ugh!

We also drove by the house Granny bought on Jungle Drive, mainly for me, baby Britt, Michael and Scott to live, in a beautiful neighborhood. I hate how things turned out, with our break-up, struggles to pay the rent without child support and later, after Matthew’s birth, my inability to appreciate it. She ended up renting it to Jerry, a smooth talking jerk, who turned it over to his kids. There was great expense and heartbreak involved, with the extensive repair of damage they caused and to sell it. I’m so sorry for my part in all. She’d be so happy to see it looks great today. From the items in the yard, it looks like a family with young children appreciates it today.

img_20180624_103657141187579.jpgWhataburger was the best burger place in Texas to me back in the day, sloppy and delicious. I may be crazy, but think I was proposed to at this one by Matthew’s dad. Anyway, while I’m in TX, I must have a Whataburger. It was good to see the used bookstore is still open. The cool part for me was I recognized it immediately. Yea!

img_20180624_1034411362368368.jpgOff to the ‘new’ Bishop Arts District we went, in north Oak Cliff, immediately southwest of Downtown Dallas. That’s downtown on the horizon. When I lived here, Oak Cliff was rough, like the hood rough, so I’m curious about changes made. Downtown Dallas is shown in the background of this photo.


Snapped the giraffe statue representing the Dallas Zoo in passing; sure is easier with someone else driving. We went to that zoo many times, but like Britt, I realized later I only feel sadness for animals in cages (unless they’re undergoing rehabilitation). We swung through CVS for chapstick; the weather was taking a serious toll on my skin and lips.


Parking at the ‘District’ was challenging, but Lisa whooped it by landing a great spot across from this bright-mural building; Britt and Levi would really like this area. Just a short walk away was a re-purposed gas station, with a cactus garden and macrame art, then shops on both sides of the main road.

It has definitely changed, at least for a few blocks. Depending on where you park, walking on sidewalks through the adjacent residential area is a part of the experience. Many of those homes are in dyer need of work, have window bars and trash in the yards. Maybe the city will do something to encourage and support the community to help themselves. It would definitely be a win for all, residents, shop owners and patrons, and the city.


Creative art is here, there and everywhere within just a few blocks. Loved the unique designs in and out of the shops.img_20180624_1212131629537447.jpg

I love their use of plants, which definitely adds life and a brilliant cohesiveness to the creative mix, like the repurposed tires, old houses and doors. I wish every city could grasp the idea of repurposing.img_20180624_140110748909396.jpg

I bought a fabulous soapstone elephant for $8 from the Opportunity Market, which is  connected to many global and local trading partners. I’d like to believe a portion of the funds goes to the actual artist, in Kenya or other. Not sure yet what I’ll do with the adorable elephant, but it’ll come to me. Swung in the Cafe Brazil, landed seats at the ‘bar’ and served ourselves coffee.

One more stop, where Lisa got several goodies, in Dude Sweet. The visionary, co-founder, co-owner and Chef is Katherine Clapner. This is a full tasting room, so our taste buds danced with several dark chocolate samples served by Matthew. Soo delicious! Lisa gave me her Dude, Sweet Chocolate sticker. Yea!

img_20180623_185259495313079.jpgHer fur-baby, Patch, was having a hard time walking and eating. Lisa used CBD oil, to help with discomfort. Such a sweet soul.

Before leaving, Lisa gave me a quick walk through on how to use Unicorn Spit (paint), which is incredible to add an artsy flair on furniture and more. Spray surface with water, add paint in the general design desired, then spritz with water. Cover with plastic (trash bag cut to size works), then spritz with water again, work out bubbles and spread paint with fingers, then gently remove plastic. When design is accomplished, let it dry and coat with polyurethane to protect. If it’s not what you want, wash it off and start over (really like this option). So cool!


2 thoughts on “TEXAS Round Rock to Duncanville (Lisa and Robert)

  1. Jennifer, it’s so nice to see new places through your eyes. I loved that front yard metal artwork! And I wonder what those musical notes on the fence represents. Kind of cool! Safe travels!

    On Sun, Jul 1, 2018 at 2:49 AM Jennifer Buckley’s 2018 Travel Adventures wrote:

    > jlbuck18 posted: “Lots of sweet ‘byes’ from Sofie and on the road, then > back again for forgotten Yeti. Ha! I love this tree in front of Susan and > Roman’s home. Drove 67, 20 and 35, highways taken daily umpteen years ago; > recognized nothing except street names. So weird.” >

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