June 21 thru 22, 2018 Left New Braunfels with wonderful hugs, fresh picked tomatoes and other goodies. Arrived in Round Rock less than 3.5 hours later to the home of elementary bestie, Susan, and her beautiful family, including their 3, 4-legged fur babies. Off and on over the past many years, we’ve been in touch (FB in recent years), but visiting her, Roman and The Incredible Sofie, in person, was fantastic!

received_102125058058225411292483885.jpegWe talked and talked, enjoyed family movie nights, good tunes, sunbathing, hair braiding and lots of swim fun.

I was showing Sofie a somersault and slammed my head on the bottom. Although at the time I acted like nothing happened, hurt like hell and felt it for hours later; little bummed none of the cool stars popped up.


CoCo is the ball retrieving Energizer Bunny. Yes, SHE (inside joke) was waiting for me to throw HER the ball non-stop.  When it’d go beyond reach, she would whine, and whine. Sometimes it was taken and hidden. Heehee!


img_20180621_191625278303351.jpgBoth Susan and Roman prepared food and I was the happy recipient. This was also a very nice treat. I set up my cot in their dining room area and it was perfect. Sofie gave me an awesome drawing of hers; she’s so smart. Love their beach-theme house, especially the aqua outside shutters.

Although Susan had cold-like symptoms, she was a trooper and we met Roman for lunch at Inchin’s Bamboo Garden. I ordered the lunch veggie combo in Thai Red Curry, which was definitely good, but the hot and sour soup had the richest flavor I’ve ever had. Delicious!img_20180622_1300431464657223.jpg

Roman treated me too (so nice!) and headed back to work.


img_20180622_1128512013126209.jpgBear got lots of attention and several different outfits during our visit. Sofie is so sweet!

Susan has a variety of herbs in one planter. Love it!


Popped in Walmart for a new nightgown, mangoes and flying insect killer, then back to the house. I loved listening to Susan’s stories, especially about our childhood – her memory kicks mine’s ass! I also loved Roman’s pepper blend so much I took it with me. Thank you both! Let’s totally plan a beach-meet soon. XOXO


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