img_20180428_1521311737057886.jpgApril 28 thru May 13, 2018 I arrived at Arlene’s, looking forward to exploring local parks and hiking trails, while also helping with a few house projects. Although I didn’t plan on spending more than a week in Huntsville, Arlene asked me to stay with Roxie, her fur-baby, while she goes to visit friends in Europe for a couple weeks.

Before she left, we had fun on the lake with her friend, Richard, who took us out on his boat. Roxie looked adorable in her vest and still loved her mom after a dunk in the cold water. I enjoyed the live band at the dock that played old tunes.

imagejpeg_4152962724.jpgI gave Roxie a bath in the kitchen sink, after my shower, and not sure which I got more wet from, but we were both clean. Intermittently watched “Troy”with Arlene and found it good, sad, ugly and intense. Bedtime past due at 12:30a. Sweet dreams.

April 29 Happy Birthday Sweet Michael! When we spoke, you were smoking pork ribs from grandma, enjoying time with Nicole and your three. I love you. XOXOE10EAC0A-9EE9-4D92-849C-DF6B82121A2B

Arlene and I went shopping for materials needed to expand and organize her back patio area, then Aldi and Sprouts for delicious food.

Started work on the patio sides and made some progress, before the wasps bombarded and I had to call it a day. Gotta love nature. Wish I had more tools, especially to level and pound the ground.

I was reading about wasp attractants, colors, scents, etc. while deciding color of patio shade panels. Did you know when a wasp is squished, chemicals are released that signal attack mode to other wasps? I love the pump sprayer filled with blue Dawn (original flavor) and water. This was my friend, my protector, and I hauled it all over the yard while working. FYI I love bees!

img_20180501_1705141720735161.jpgOn a previous trip through Alabama, I had picked up brochures on northern Alabama waterfalls and state parks, which is how I learned of Noccalula Falls in Gadsden. After I get the pavers set, my plan is to do day trips to check out a few up to 2 hours away. Waterfalls exude both ends of the spectrum to me, tranquility and power. BTW, why aren’t our vehicles and other machines being powered by water-energy by now?

Dropped Arlene at the airport for her getaway to Paris. I couldn’t believe how much of a breeze it is to get in and out of Huntsville airport, especially compared to Atlanta. They do have dangerous intersects here, where folks getting off highway must weave around others getting on it. Other than that, not too bad.

Took Ms. Adorable Roxie for several walks around the neighborhood and up the street. She’s such a sweetheart and did a great job keeping me company and entertained.2F5C93D7-86B9-42A5-9BBD-BF9D47856A51

For lunches and dinners, I made vegetables and fruit the primary focus, most of the time. Occasionally, I cooked chicken. Loved acai berries for dessert.

Instead of hiking trails and waterfalls, I’ve had a constant workout over the past couple of weeks, fully focused on completing projects started, for Arlene. These are the tools used most for the work completed at Arlene’s and the reason my little finger will never be straight again. Ha!img_20180503_094059469683838.jpg

img_20180502_090211151428007.jpgI’m pooped, my entire body aches, and several joints are screaming, but I’ve enjoyed ALMOST every moment of the physical labor. Ha! The weather here is gorgeous. Gets toasty working in the sun (yes, Mom, I’m using sunscreen), but not miserable yet. Evenings are cool with strong breezes that blow the patio curtains, adding a romantic ‘Big Easy’ touch to a relaxing night. From what I’ve heard, it’s already hot as hell in GA. I’m not missing that part in the slightest. Every now and then I see Adrian, Arlene’s roommate, and even had a chat with him a few times; he’s constantly on the go.


Roxie has been hilarious and so sweet! She’s also a much better snuggler than my Bear. Time to start planning my next stop. If anyone knows of somewhere beautiful to camp and/or visit between here and Shreveport, message me.

Arlene is home! She made it through customs, got to Washington with no hiccups, boarded and then got deplaned due to a mechanical issue. Glad she made it safely. She always looks amazing, even after a full day of travel!

First thing we did from the airport was hit this amazing Mexican food bus. Orders are taken inside and picked up through the outside window. There’s also a covered area with picnic tables to sit and enjoy their awesome food in the parking lot.

Here are just a few before and after photos at her house. Over time, upkeep and additions, I’m sure she’ll transform the patio even more, to be her little oasis.

The earth put up a hell of a fight, while I attempted to relocate trees from unhappy spots and plant a new fig. It was the weirdest ground I’ve ever worked with, mostly hard-ass clay with a ton of rock; lots of shovel pounding! The grass is thin and barely rooted below the surface. Eventually, I won with 5 tree plantings and got the front bed finished.

Arlene treated me to an hour of massage, deep tissue and Swedish, while she got the Reflexation. Yes, I’m totally feeling tender and will for days I’m sure, but it was awesome. Afterward, we went couple doors down where her nails were refreshed and I got a facial wax for incredible skin exfoliation. It’s time to get packed and ready to hit the road. Gassed up at Kroger ($2.51/gal).

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