IMG_20180427_065402April 27, 2018 Didn’t plan on it, but started the morning just after 4a. Sometimes my body screams (no whispers) to get up, no matter how comfy the accommodation. This excess weight has got to go! Popped MSM for joints and hit the shower. Plugged in my little dual purpose steamer that rocks for cooking, steaming AND heating water for java, then slowly started breaking things down to repack.


About 9a, all packed up and headed to the Falls Park with Marci, my new friend. I had no idea an incredible adventure was about to start.IMG_20180427_091709 There were school buses, kids and lots of people at the entry point, but we timed it exceptionally, straight up to pay entrance. Just inside the entry was the mini train that runs around the park and driver started with just us and one other woman and child. Very awesome!

My ankles swelled badly – weight 175

Once around on the cool train, we hopped off to walk the park on foot. It’s an absolutely beautiful park! There are animals, such as llama, deer, parrots, alligators, bearded dragon, turtles, goats, and more, gorgeous plantings and incredible buildings. Can’t remember the last time I went to an adventure park like this!

What lay beyond the Gorge entry was beyond my expectations. The pamphlet about the Falls should be animated like in Harry Potter, with an audible “Aaah” when opened.

The story behind the Falls is heartbreaking. A Cherokee princess in love with a member of her tribe was promised for marriage by family to a rival tribe member to promote peace; the princess chose death by jumping into the Gorge. Amazing day! Bid adieu to Marci and heading to Huntsville, AL to visit Arlene.



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