IMG_20180426_101859April 26, 2018 Today, my journey officially began about 10a, following grand hugs and kisses with mom and Cody. Grateful to fill tank at $2.29, thanks to mom’s Kroger points! Weather starting out in Warner Robins was beautiful, cool with white clouds and blue sky … then came the rain before hitting Atlanta. Thanks to Jim Mullis, I hardly had to use windshield wipers. He gave me tip, which I heeded before leaving, to thoroughly clean windshield with Bonami, let dry, then apply RainX as directed. Amazing difference. Drops just rolled! I packed extra supplies to repeat as needed. Have to admit, just hitting the highway outside comfort zone has been tough, but I’m focused and can do this!!

Once I distanced myself from the Atlanta loonies weaving traffic doing 90 mph, it was smooth sailing and uneventful. Swung into McDonald’s for java and was given extra sugar for the road. Maybe I was looking draggish!


Next stop was the Alabama Welcome Center off I-20. As always, nice people and very clean. Pulled on poncho, walked around the property in the rain, then grabbed some food from the cooler to enjoy at a picnic table. Spent about 45 mins updating blog before it went POOF! Then hit the road again.

Heading into Anniston, Alabama, the sky is clearing with more blue than gray, although still plenty of clouds and occasional drizzle. Gorgeous view with rolling hills. Swung in Marathon to top off gas ($2.49/gal). I’m feeling good about decision at this moment, to branch out of the known and away from the ‘expected’.

Arrived at Noccalula Falls Campground and very happy with staff and grounds already. Security present, well lit, gate locks at 10p and super clean. Cost for tent camp is $19.42/nite. Any guess about the very first thing I notice at campground, besides the great trees? The campers, from big to beast! My tent is the only one of its kind. Ha!

I have met an amazing woman I will definitely do my best to keep in touch with after here. Her name is Marcelene, driving a 1999 very fantastic Winnebago from Canada, and she’s my camp neighbor. We’ll be checking out the Falls and Park together tomorrow. So cool to meet another woman traveling alone. Not sure how often this will happen, but feels … encouraging.

Got lights up and ready to relax. For now, sweet dreams.

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