CC74AEC0-6601-48AA-A131-442571046DE9April 25, 2018 Truck is packed, hopefully to cover most basic needs, medical kit and some of what I refer to as traveling luxuries (fan, extra bedding, lots of clothing choices, several shoes, seasonings). The lists created as a minimalist guide, morphed. Murphy’s Law will inevitably educate me on packed and not packed essentials. Haha!

With my tags due to expire in July, I was able to get them renewed in advance at local tag office. Yea! No more stress about getting mom to mail them to who knows where, or to get them on time.

Cody Boy (incredibly chill basset hound) is getting full salon treatment at Southwood Grooming and checkup at Southwood Animal Hospital off Moody. Yes, I’m one of those who hugs the dog before humans. I stocked up on several bags dog food, milk bones, treats, and deli meat. Mom is awesome about making sure he has everything needed, and then some. She makes his casserole (milk bone in the bottom and layers of dog food and deli meat) for breakfast and dinner, carefully placing each piece. It’s funny to watch and so endearing!


So, outcome of Cody checkup is he has dry eyes, requiring drops. Otherwise, clean bill of health. After picking him up, filling up with gas, loading water cooler, ice chest and the goodies mom will pick up at Kroger, this eve will be spent relaxing with her, watching Netflix and visiting with friends who may pop by later.

I’ll definitely have to learn how to continue blogging on cell! Until next time …

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